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Innovative, agile and performance driven call center services to deliver measurable impact, and increased business value for clients

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Through a collaborative approach and customer-driven focus, the experienced teams of professionals in our company drive instant impact to accomplish targeted results.

We have a proven track record of outstanding support in the field of technical help desk.

We deliver optimal lead generation, B2B call center service, customer survey and telemarketing services

We have been resolving typical customer queries by rendering instant response

We have successfully accomplished result-driven customer insights and experiences

We have a high performing team of certified contact center executives & marketing professionals on-board

We render unmatched outsourced customer support services 24x7 via a state-of-the-art corporate call center

The outsourced call center that “speaks your brand.”

EGTech is a leading provider of outsourced customer contact solutions and call center services for omnichannel and ecommerce retailers, direct response advertisers, healthcare and insurance providers, government and higher education.

EGTech is passionate about our clients’ brand — passionate about expressing the personality of their brand, dedicated to communicating the essence of their brand, and committed to delivering a positive, lasting impression of their brand with every customer interaction.

As a complete customer contact center, we support your brand with social media customer care.

AdvantagesShared Call Center

The Shared-Agent Solution: Selecting An Outsourced Call Center For Your Growing Business

If your small to mid-sized business (SMB) is getting too many inbound calls — at all hours — to handle internally, it’s time to shop for an outsourced call center. If your call volume is not high enough to justify a team of dedicated call center agents, consider a shared customer support model. This pool of agents can handle your inbound calls on an as-needed basis, 24-7-365, and you pay only for the minutes of the calls that are handled. Here’s what you need to know about outsourcing your calls to a shared call center.

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